Linzhang County to carry out the Spring Festival volunteer service care action

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The Spring Festival will send love, at the age of cold deep warm thick.Linzhang county new era civilization practice center in accordance with the county party committee propaganda department, the county office “about the 2022 Spring Festival in volunteer service care action notice requirements, combined with” I does the practical work for the masses “practice, each unit voluntary service and community volunteer service actively carry out” festival ShangWenMing volunteer care line “volunteer service care activities.In order to promote the spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and volunteer service, the practice Center office organized staff to visit volunteers at epidemic prevention checkpoints and new Era civilization practice stations in some communities on January 26, and sent New Year pictures and New Year wishes.Before the Spring Festival, the office of the Practice Center distributed nearly 3,000 New Year pictures to volunteer service teams at all levels.On January 17, the county emergency management Bureau, together with the county Transportation Bureau and volunteers in the bus station, Yedu Jiaheng community, Xinhe mall and crowded places to carry out the “Safety belt home peaceful New Year” volunteer service activities.The event, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of volunteers, by setting up desk, display panel, publicity materials, couplet, the scene in question, the key to the popularization of household security, public safety, gas gathering place for safety, such as traffic safety tips during the Spring Festival involving safety knowledge content,Tell them to seriously study the content of safety production publicity materials, bring safety production knowledge to relatives and friends around.More than 2000 copies of all kinds of emergency knowledge publicity manuals and more than 2000 copies of couplets were distributed on the site, and more than 200 people received safety consultation on the site.The New Era Civilization Practice Station in Xigang Village, Linzhang Town, carried out a caring and condoling activity, distributing rice and oil to 90 elderly people over 75 years old, and sending New Year’s greetings to them.County “hanmoqing” calligraphy and painting art volunteer service team home for the local people to write Spring Festival couplets, fu, etc., and will write good nearly ten thousand Spring Festival couplets and red fu to the county and villages and epidemic prevention card, community residents, for the year of the tiger to add tiger strength strong tiger power, fighting the epidemic, welcome the Winter Olympics to send good wishes.Source: Cloud Linzhang Responsible editor: Wang Jieren