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Every year, every day, every hour, you can always trust your blue friend if there is an emergency.In the early hours of the morning, a truck careens off a highway and careens into a deep ditch, leaving one man shivering in the back seat of the cab.00:53 In the early morning of February 8, beijing-Shenyang expressway in the direction of Tai ‘an exit curve, a license plate for Liao ACM676 truck rushed out of the highway, overturned into a deep ditch, a person trapped in the back seat of the cab can not move.After receiving the alarm, the Fire rescue station of Taibei Street, Tai ‘an County, Anshan city set out quickly and arrived at the scene at 1:30. After surveying the scene, the officers and fighters began to use the hydraulic demolition tool set to break the crack.However, due to the narrow operation space and no point of focus, the demolition work is not smooth.After the study, a new rescue plan was formulated, using the site crane to lift the locomotive, and at the same time, the demolition operation.After nearly 2 hours of intense rescue, the trapped people were successfully rescued at 3:25 am, and the injured were transferred to 120 emergency center.Elevator shock!Twelve people trapped, two children…The elevator was descending slowly when it suddenly hovered between the fifth and sixth floors.Although the lights in the car were still on, no one could be sure that the elevator would suddenly fall…At 19:00 on February 2nd, the elevator in unit 2, Building A10, Harmony Home, Xihu District, Benxi City, suddenly broke down, 12 people were trapped, including 2 children.For a while, trapped in the elevator inside the people were uneasy, surrounded by the elevator outside the family panicked…Benxi city fire rescue detachment minzhu Road fire rescue station after receiving the police rushed to the scene, after the scene investigation and calculation, rescue and immediate implementation, 5 minutes later, trapped in the car 12 people successfully escaped…Haystack fire, like “yellow wind monster” to attack!Grass on fire, smoke everywhere, blocking the sun, like “Journey to the West” in the “yellow wind monster” attack……00:35 February 6, Yingkou City old Bian District xingwang tun fire, yingkou fire station brigade Gang South Street fire rescue station immediately rushed to the scene after receiving the alarm.Fire by wind, is raging, the scene filled with smoke, almost invisible, an electric tower is surrounded by fire……Fire fighters quickly worked out the fire fighting strategy, first to power base power, and then sent 3 water guns from around the siege, eventually the fire extinguished.The changing station was unattended, the batteries were on fire…The door of the power station was closed, and suddenly smoke began to pour out. Could it be that the batteries inside caught fire?00:59 One night recently, a fire broke out in Jinlian Square in Front of station district of Yingkou City. Thick smoke poured out from under the closed shutter door of a store.Bohai Street fire prevention and rescue station in Front of the Station in Yingkou city immediately went to the rescue after learning of the police situation, and found that the fire was called “Ran Ran power station”, which contained a large number of batteries. If the fire continued to expand, there was a risk of battery explosion.The officers of bohai Street Fire rescue Station immediately contacted the owners of the store to open the rolling curtain door and blocked the fire with water guns from the front door. After the fire was controlled, the firemen carried out the burning batteries inside and cooled them down.You can always trust blue friend!You can rely on 119 at all times;No matter where, blue friends march forward…As long as you need, blue friends ready to go!In the New Year, Blue Friend will continue to work hard., 01:16