“Songtsan Gambu in Thangka” one by stone appreciation, my natural stone appreciation of sixty-three

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Ningxia Guigengtang hidden stone “Songtsen Gambu in Thangka” (14X8X7 CMS) I am the definition of natural stone is: has a distinct point of view, rich appreciation connotation, broad space for imagination;It is a natural stone without any artificial modification that has artistic effects such as sculpture, painting, calligraphy or seal cutting, or has artistic effects such as literature, drama, music or dance.Natural stone strange from low to high there are five strange, that is, unique, unique, strange, wonderful, magical.There are five good standards to measure the quality of natural stone, which are good shape, good quality, good skin, good color, good rhyme.Now, let’s talk about the hidden stone of Ningxia Guigen Tang songtsen Gambu in Thangka.Dodge: The agate stone with desert paint comes from Tamusu Prague, Sumu Engge, Usu Gacha Gobi Desert of Alxa Right Banner. The shape of Songtsen Gambu in thangka is extraordinary.The face is fantastic, like songtsan Gambu in thangka.The headdress hung high, dignified, resplendent is a miracle of nature.Name: named “Songtsen Gambu in Thangka”, so the shape, expression and color of the natural stone are like the appearance of Songtsen Gambu in Thangka, hence the name.Good: good shape, imaging shape, physical shape, three-dimensional statue.Clear, appropriate proportion, full round, face magic, magic shape;The shape of songtsen gan cloth formed naturally in Thangka is amazing and shocking.The face is wonderful, like Songtsan Gambu in thangka, purifying the soul;The headdress hangs high, the expression is majestic, resplendent and brilliant, calm the mind.Good quality, agate texture of desert paint, hardness, density, permeability, oil smoothness are good.The skin is good, the pulp is perfect, the glaze color paint skin is thick, beautiful, rich, calm, sophisticated and durable.Good color, glittering, resplendent, riches and honour, festival, solemn, grand, clever, atmosphere.Rhyme is good, the overall shape of smooth lines, mellow, smart is the beauty of the rhythm;Like songtsen Gambu in Thangka is the beauty of lasting appeal;Face magical, headdress hanging, dignified, resplendent is the beauty of verve;Songtsan Gambo is a famous politician, strategist, thinker in Tibetan history, son-in-law of Tang Dynasty, and a model of harmony between Han and Tibet. Thangka is a unique painting art of Tibetan people and an intangible cultural heritage of the People’s Republic of China, which is actually the great beauty of culture and art.Ningxia Guigen Hall hidden stone “Songtsen Gambu in Thangka” (14X8X7 CMS) with stone to send affection: natural stone “Songtsen Gambu in Thangka” Songtsen Gambu is hidden in the Lord, princess Wencheng qi harmony.Agate texture desert paint, patina Lao dao skin cool.Gold and resplendent, dignified and impressive.Tibetan painting art, intangible heritage masterpiece Tang Kapu.Ningxia Guigengtang hidden stone “Songtsen Gambu in Thangka” (14 ⅹ 8X7 CMS) at the beginning of the understanding, please correct fang jia.(Original works, no plagiarism.All rights reserved!!Permission must be obtained for publication, broadcasting, reproduction and compilation.Legal use, infringement will be prosecuted!!